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Travel trunk restoration guide TO DOWNLOAD

Document to download - after payment of 22euros - for
seeing the different types of trunks, recognizing yours
and getting chronological help to restore your trunk
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Travel trunks restoration guide at the price of 22euros (but our software adds shipping costs automatically, so the price of the item is calculated to arrive at an amount of 22euros to pay)

The demands of frequent travelers and the ingenuity of the manufacturers have contributed to the creation of luggage that still seduces the curious and enthusiasts. Solid and light, the old travel trunks still have their place in the home.

Marie and Jean-Philippe Rolland introduce the reader to this universe with its great names - Goyard, Vuitton, Moynard, Bernard... - and its manufacturing secrets. These trunks often need care to regain their former luster and a new use. Precise and highly illustrated, this book helps the reader to observe and evaluate his trunk to decide which restorations to make. It explains in detail how to treat and restore wood, hardware, leather or griffin accessories, replace upholstery, redo lockers, arrange shelves, partitions and trays.

Our book and its numerous illustrations will help you find a good and useful guide full of common sense.

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