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Trunk lock, brass steel trunk with key L:9.5cm H:7.5cm

Trunk lock, brass steel trunk with key
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Trunk lock, brass steel trunk with key

The upper part has a width of 95mm and a height of 75mm, the lock has a total height of 170mm.

Suitable for American trunks and suitcases. Fits on many Wardrobes

Can be put down in both directions.

TIP: This lock is easier to fix closed, then once fixed, you bend the nails.

Be careful once put down, do not leave the key IN the trunk! :-)


The most practical nails to fix it are: https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/fr/accueil/index/clous-et-rivets-nails/1-clou-laitonne-cbl27-8-detail.html

you can :

either cold rivet them https://youtu.be/s9duH9HwmUs

either return them to the wood https://youtu.be/StrGTFbn8eI


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