1.50 meter of lozine// angles

1.50 meter of lozine// angles
Exemple de lozine peinteExemple de lozine peinte
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Lozine is traditionally made with vulcanized cellulose fiber.

This material can be painted in any color you wish.

This allows you to create the trunks you want in the color you prefer.

This lozine is supplied NON PERCEE . UNPAINTED, it is 5 cm width X Length 150 cm 

Find the nails of brass angle irons by batch of 10: https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/clous-et-rivets-nails/10-clous-de-cornieres-laiton-8mm-detail.html

or by 100 https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/clous-et-rivets-nails/100-clous-de-cornieres-laiton-8mm-detail.html

or in steel in batches of 10: https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/clous-et-rivets-nails/10-clous-de-cornieres-8mm-detail.html

or by 100 https://boutique.la-malle-en-coin.com/accueil/index/clous-et-rivets-nails/100-clous-de-cornieres-8mm-metal-detail.html


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